26 Jan Happy Republic Day 2021 Wishes, Quotes, Messages in English

If you are looking for the 26 Jan best Republic Day Wishes in English 2021, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the best wishes and course of Republic Day. We have made a list of selected specials and quotes for you, with the help of which you can choose your favourite message and send it to your friends and relatives. And you can tell your feelings properly to another person. And make your relationship with other people even better.

Happy Republic Day Quotes in English 2021

If you are also one of those people who do not know how to express their feelings in words properly, then through these special and quotes you can make your right impression on the other person. At the same time, you can also make a special status in his eyes. All you have to do is choose the right message according to your personality and send it to your friend or relative.

Happy Republic Day Quotes in English 2021
Happy Republic Day Quotes in English 2021

Freedom has not come easy,
it is because of the sacrifices of
our freedom fighters,
so never take it for granted.
Happy Republic Day!

Some Muslims bring green cloth,
Any Hindu saffron looks like
May Isha bring peace,
So some Sikhs make Ashoka on him,
Sometimes Rahim stitches me,
Never shaved by Shyam
Not only do I become a tricolor.

26 January Happy Republic day 2021 Best Wishes in English

Expansion of INDIA
I – IN
Happy Republic Day

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Happy Republic day Quotes Wishes in English 2021
Happy Republic day Quotes Wishes in English 2021

Those brave children of Mother India, how true are their hearts,
Freedom is his dream, every Indian is his own.
Their honor is the respect of daughters and sisters,
Every woman is their mother, every word is a blessing.
Freedom lovers, those patriotic patriots,
Incredible India is his dream, in this dream, everyone is his own.
‘Hindu-Muslim, Sikh-Christian, we are all brothers’
This is their slogan,
‘Jai Hind-Jai Bharat’, till the death

Our life is full of Colors …
I hope this 26th of January
 will add more colors to your life

26 January Happy Republic day Wishes in English 2021

Clean climate, clean sky, energetic
Earth, Brotherhood and Malice Free India
This is our objective, the nature of India
Progresses with a wonderful development
Go, May India shine, all over the world
India should be named like this at the top number
In my country, every person should be one
Let’s understand the misery and happiness
My country has become useful for this…

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Neither is my head bent,
And never bow down
Who lives on his own
Really is life
Live like a true INDIAN

Happy Republic day Best Wishes in English
Happy Republic day Best Wishes in English

If you want to swim, you are in the sea
What is kept in the river drains…
.If you want to love then do it with your country
What is kept in infidel people…
Happy republic day to all of you

26 Jan Happy Republic Day best SMS and Messages in English 2021

Bow down and salute them,
Whose part has come to this place…
Happiness is that blood
Which is useful for the country…
Long live Mother India
Happy republic day

जय जवान, जय किसान, East of west,
India is the best…. ~ वंदे मातरम्~

26 Jan Happy Republic day 2021 Short SMS in English

Different, religion different but
everyone has the same slogan,
Our goal is to protect Mother India…
Happy republic day

Happy Republic day Short SMS in English
Happy Republic day Short SMS in English

Keep this thing informed to the winds,
There will be light, keep the lamps lit,
We protected by giving blood…
Always keep such tricolor in your heart…


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